Resources for a Block Course on Spatial Analysis: ETH 2006


Day 1

Gardner, R. H., B. Milne, et al. (1987). "Neutral models for the analysis of broadscale landscape pattern." Landscape Ecology 1: 19-28.
       --- A general introduction to null models in spatial analysis

Haase, P. (1995). "Spatial pattern analysis in ecology based on Ripley's K-function: introduction and methods of edge correction." Journal of Vegetation Science 6: 575-582.
   --- Presents the approach to estimating confidence intervals used in most
         published papers on point-pattern analysis in ecology

Klaas, B. A., K. A. Moloney, et al. (2000). "The tempo and mode of gopher mound production in a tallgrass prairie remnant." Ecography 23: 246-256.
   ---A study looking at relationships in point patterns in space and time

Day 2

Chatfield, C. (1984). The analysis of time series: an introduction. London, Chapman and Hall.
  -- Excerpt on Time Series from a very good introductory book (pages 23-30 and 62-63)

Peterson, C. J. and E. R. Squiers (1995). "An unexpected change in spatial pattern across 10 years in an aspen—white-pine forest." Journal of Ecology 83: 847-855.
  -- an early ecology paper using K-analysis; check out the method used to
     assess 95% confidence intervals and see if you agree with the approach

Rossi, R., D. J. Mulla, et al. (1992). "Geostatistical tools for modeling and interpreting ecological spatial dependence." Ecological Monographs 62(2): 277-314.
   --- a classic review paper on applying spatial anlaysis
         to ecological systems

Schlesinger, W. H., J. A. Raikes, et al. (1996). "On the spatial pattern of soil nutrients in desert ecosystems." Ecology 77(2): 364-374.
   --- the only paper I know of that uses geostatistics to test an
a priori hypothesis in an
        ecological setting

Extending K-anlaysis and more

Wiegand, T., K. A. Moloney, et al. (1998). "Population dynamics, disturbance, and pattern evolution: identifying the fundamental scales of organization in a model ecosystem." American Naturalist 152(3): 321-337.
   ---Modeling study using pattern analysis to assess model outcomes

Wiegand, T. and K. A. Moloney. 2004. Rings, circles, and null-models for point pattern analysis in ecology. Oikos 104: 209-229.
   --- Introduces novel approaches to analysis of point patterns


Point Pattern Program

   -- Windows program for the anlaysis of point patterns

   -- instructions for program usage

Auto/Crosscorrelation Program

   -- Window's program for autocorrelation analysis

   -- instructions for use of Crosscorr.exe

Data/Programs used in class
  --- Zip file containing data files and programs