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Files from 9/20/2007

function that outputs a vector of population size impacted by demographic stochasticity based on the model presented in Gotelli's textbook
Sample code for producing a figure of demographic stochasticity

Files from 9/27/2007

Program that outputs several examples of a simulation using a continuous logistic model. Program is from Roughgardens book. [output]    sym2ara.m
Program for produces a simulation using the discrete logistic for exploring dynamic behavior of time delays. Program is from Roughgardens book. [output]    sym2ara.m
Produces a bifurcation diagram for the discrete logistic. Program is from Roughgardens book. [output]    logist_d.m
Converts a string representation of an equation into the appropriate form for operating on each individual element of a vector, instead of treating it as a matrix operation. Program is from Roughgardens book.  
Function producing a time series for a discrete logistic model. Program is from Roughgardens book.  

Files from 10/04/2007

Program creates a Leslie (Age-based) transition matrix, an initial population vector, projects the population forward for 1000 timesteps and then graphs the change over time in the age classes [output]
Projects a population forward using a projectoin matrix.